Warbler Place

A New Residential Development Where Lifestyle, Community and Nature Intersect.

Located in Welland, Ontario.

The What

Warbler Place Urban Village is a new residential development next to the Seaway Mall in Welland, Ontario. It will feature a variety of housing types, shapes and sizes from stacked towns, traditional towns and condos to suit the diverse needs of the people who will live here. Click here to learn more.

The Vision

As you stand among the homes and thousand trees where once was pavement, you will find a diverse community nestled in the heart of Niagara where families, seniors and singles can live, work, play and create lasting memories. You will see people walking together along wide sidewalks and shaded tree-lined paths to the park, grocery store, and unique shops. Sounds of talking, a bustling community, and kids safely playing in linear parks and community spaces will be heard throughout. You will find a place called home within elegant architectural spaces that have been inspired by the most sought-after neighbourhoods in the world.

At Warbler Place you will be part of a long-lasting tradition of putting community first.

The Why

Meeting today’s and tomorrow’s needs is not an impossible feat – despite the crises we’re facing environmentally and with today’s housing supply. Tackling these challenges relies on carefully crafted master-planned developments that:

  • builds in existing neighbourhoods to reduce suburban sprawl;
  • makes walking practical, interesting and safe to reduce the need for vehicles, and;
  • incorporates vegetation that are native to our geographical area and typography. 

Our world is changing, and our approach to development must evolve, too. Warbler place is about so much more than building new houses. It’s about creating a lifestyle for residents that honours our environment and our diverse demographics.

Interested In Learning More?

If you want to learn more about Warbler Place, contact our team via the form below.